Coping with Change

Coping with Change

Every one responds to things that happen around them and with the current scope and rate of change occurring we should be aware of the impact those changes can have on each of us. Whilst any event can be stressful, it is how we respond to that event which will determine its impact not only upon us as individuals but also upon aspects of our home, personal and work life.

Signs and symptoms of concern:

Sleep disturbance
Tired or lack of energy
Weight/appetite increase or decrease
Poor concentration - forgetfulness, indecisiveness or apathy
Restlessness and irritability
Increase in alcohol intake
Changes in emotions and physical feelings, including increased irritability
Whilst at work you may not be effectively functioning because you are preoccupied with your individual concerns

What can you do?

Get enough sleep and rest
Practice a sensible, healthy diet
Get regular exercise (walking 20-30 minutes 3-4 times per week is a great start)
Avoid smoking and other drugs - limit alcohol
Talk to someone - it does help to share the problem - 'get it off your chest'
Take time daily to relax (listen to music, do things that you enjoy, have some quiet time alone)
Look out for solutions; try to remember how you managed other situations
Look out for your colleagues